Real Lies – ‘World Peace’

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Le Male Yoga, the Welcoming and Supportive community of Men who Love Practicing Yoga, Celebrates its Grand Opening in New York City on October 19 & 20, 2012

New York City, NY (PRWEB) September 12, 2012 Join Joschi Schwarz and Monika Werner for the Grand Opening of Le Male Yoga in New York City. The first of its kind, Le Male Yoga is a welcoming and supportive community of men from all flows of life who lovis a welcoming and supportive community of men from all flows of life who love practicing yoga and aim to initiate a lifestyle that liberates, expands and energizes. The majority of yoga studios in NYC cater to women. Schwarz and Werner decided to create a space where men have the opportunity to practice in an environment where they feel at home and welcome amongst like-minded men. “Providing an alternative for men to do something good for their bodies and minds while connecting to other men is what inspired us to create Le Male Yoga,” says Schwarz. Le Male Yoga’s mission is to provide its members with programming to foster community, relationships and conscious living. The best thing about the Le Male Yoga community is its culture – an inclusive environment for all open-minded men – gay, straight or bisexual, and irregardless of prior yoga experience. The boutique studio offers Power Vinyasa Yoga Classes for Men in beginner to advanced formats, as well as the highly popular Naked Yoga for Men. Le Male Yoga also offers theme-based retreats and workshops in the greatest city in the world – New York City. Schwarz and Werner are excited to celebrate Le Male Yoga’s Grand Opening October 19 and 20 and invite everybody to join the activities. The kick off for the celebrations is Friday evening with an introduction to Yoga for Men by Joschi Schwarz. The celebration continues with hors d’oeuvres and drinks as well as a presentation on Tantric art by Siddhartha V. Shah – an instructor at Le Male Yoga. On Saturday, October 20, 2012, Le Male Yoga offers free classes at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm. To celebrate the Grand Opening, the studio is offering first-time students three months of unlimited classes for $299. RSVP: info(at)LeMaleYoga(dot)com For more information visit To schedule an interview with Joschi Schwarz, please call Monika at 212.399.6307 or email her at info(at)LeMaleYoga(dot)com About Joschi Le Male NYC's Premier Yoga Studio for Men. Le Male Yoga’s style of yoga – Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga – is for men with a good level of physical fitness who are interested in building strength & flexibility for body & mind. Le Male Yoga’s welcoming and supportive community offers a unique opportunity to connect with a vibrant mix of men from all flows of life who are looking to initiate a lifestyle that liberates, expands and energizes! Le Male Yoga's mission is to provide great men's programming to foster community, relationships, and conscious living in a fun, warm and judgment-free atmosphere. The best thing about the LMY community is its unique culture – an open-minded and inclusive environment for all men – gay, straight or bisexual. Le Male Yoga creates extraordinary retreats and…

The Importance of Labour Relations

Effective labour relations are essential in carrying out business functions. Labour relations are participated by the company management and their rank and file. Employees are expected to follow the rules and regulations of a company. In turn, the management team must implement labour policies in accordance to federal laws on labour and employment. Federal labour law defines rights of both white collar and blue collar workers. This includes workplace safety, health security, employment standards, and industrial relations. Employment standards refer to the rights of employees for annual vacations during regular and non-working holidays, just working hours, unjust dismissals, and acquisition of minimum wage and severance pay. These also indicate reasonable layoff procedures of legitimate employees. In industrial relations, employees have the right to join trade and labour unions. Unions are groups of employees who watch policy implementation in the workplace. They guard against human rights violations and protect employee rights in accordance to federal labour law. Trade and labour unions must be certified by the company, as well as recognized by the government. In the province of British Colombia and Ontario, a trade union is defined as a group of employees who coordinate with company management through collective bargaining. It has a board of officers composed of employee members.  The board of officers acts as union leaders and representatives. Ideally, a trade union is independent from company management. Therefore, management officers are prohibited to join unions. Any labour lawyer Ottawa provides consultation to trade unions for clarification and comprehension of Canadian labour laws. Trade unions interact with the management officers through collective bargaining. Collective bargaining is a closed-door meeting between the company management and union representatives. A bargaining meeting is mediated by a labour lawyer .Ottawa, collective bargaining is conducted to organize and elucidate collective agreements. Collective agreements are concessions that normalize working conditions. Common conditions in collective agreements are working hours, wage scales, overtime mechanisms, and employee training. These include employee rights to participate in corporate affairs. The government recognizes formation of trade unions to uphold workers’ rights and lessen cases of employee rights violations. Studies show trade unions enhance the working condition of employees in most companies. Trade unions are assisted by a labour lawyer. Ottawa, labour policies are strictly implemented to preserve harmonious employee relations in different industries.