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Morrissey’s latest album feels more ideological than it does musical. Which is fine, I guess, if all you care about is what Morrisey thinks.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right? What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?


Hey! Jacoo signing in here with a new liquid dubstep track. Built on top of amazing vocals made from one of Margo Elena’s stems, this is truly a chill journey. Adding in Charlie Chaplin’s speech (my favorite), I really can’t do any better. Enjoy!


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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) November 14, 2013

InVision Communications has gathered four experienced marketing and communication industry veterans and teamed them together to launch Collective-Experience Group (CXG), a brand engagement agency headquartered in San Francisco’s East Bay. http://www.collective-experience.com

“We’ve created this agency in order to work with change agents who desire bolder, better, different,” says Mike Burgess, President of CXG. “We are looking to align with those that despise the status quo, to do exciting things that are not currently being done for our client’s most important stakeholders. Our Collective Experience includes award winning marketing campaigns and consumer events as well as game changing experiences for user groups, dealers and distributors, sales organizations and employee populations.”

“Communication is such an important component of any successful enterprise,” said Don Moss, Executive Creative Director. “Our goal is to create campaigns that engage key stakeholders in both an emotional and practical way. We want to do that with a fresh take on integrating live and digital technologies to create the next generation of “collective experiences” that bring brands and people together.”

Patrick Connolly, Director of Creative Technologies is excited about the opportunities digital expression offers, particularly as an extension of a live brand engagement. “There are few barriers now to how far and wide you can capture people’s curiosity and build lasting bonds with exciting brands,” says Patrick. “The key is to be relevant, fun and true to the brand’s purpose and essence.”

Nan Lyons, Account Director believes clients are sophisticated enough to know when an agency is competent or not, The acid test is whether they can apply their understanding and creativity to the goals of the engagement. “I believe my job is to get inside our client’s head and help direct our team to a successful outcome.”

CXG is wholly owned by InVision Communications Inc., an award winning event marketing and communications company with offices in San Francisco, Chicago and New York.

For more information please call Nan Lyons at 415 213 4864 or visit http://www.collective-experience.com

Pitch is what makes helicopters fly. Described in the simplest way, pitch is the angle of the rotor blade. When the rotor spins, the angle of the blades is what generates lift. As if the concept werent complicated enough on its own, the confusing fixed pitch and collective pitch labels given to RC helicopters are enough to make your head spin. Both pitch types have their benefits, but understanding the difference between the two is important to determine which is best for you.

Fixed pitch is true to its name: The blades are set at particular angles and lift is controlled only by the engine speed. Faster speeds generate more lift; slower speeds generate less lift, like when you bring the helicopter down. Collective pitch, on the other hand, allows for the blade pitch to be changed in-flight. Thus, a collective-pitch helicopter has greater lift control and flight versatility.

Choosing the correct pitch type for your needs will involve an examination of your skill level and the amount of dedication you have to the hobby. Fixed pitch helicopters are generally less expensive. Because they have fewer controls and moving parts they are easier to learn and cheaper to repair. Unfortunately, however, you can only do so much with a fixed pitch helicopter. They don’t have the flexibility to do stunts or certain advanced maneuvers, and, since their movement is relying on the speed of the engine there tends to be a delayed response to your commands.

Collective pitch helicopters are more expensive and more demanding to fly than fixed pitch helis. Due to the parts allowing for pitch adjustment, they are more difficult to build and repair. The transmitter is also more complex, so these helis definitely have a greater learning curve. The trade-off is fair, as collective pitch helis can be much more exciting to fly. They have the agility to do anything you want them to, including flips, loops, stall turns or any other maneuver you can imagine. The command response is precise enough to allow for safe indoor and outdoor flight. Even if the engine stalls out in the middle of a flight, the heli can still be landed safely by adjusting the blades to a negative pitch.

Some hobbyists claim that fixed pitch helis are best for beginners, but beginners wont be beginners forever. As skill increases, they are likely to become bored with the limits of fixed pitch. The choice is up to you, but the long-term enjoyment you can get from a collective pitch RC helicopter is certainly worth considering.

It’s just a thought.. read the opening, and ending credits.. One day at a time Everybody.. One Day at a time..
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